An audio course that will guide you how to detoxify the RIGHT WAY at any stage of your health journey!



    • You want to access valuable information on how to build a new and better version of yourself.
    • You struggle maintaining your health and need a cleanse to release what is obstructing health. 
    • You have tried detoxification already but am afraid you are not doing it right.
    • You feel that you have tried "EVERYTHING".
    • You worry that you are not ready for detoxification.
    • You feel eager about claiming the life and health that you deserve.
    • You want to step up to your most amazing inner potentials, way beyond physical health.

I absolutely loved ‘The how to detoxify the right way for everyone’ course.
Having the course on audio was especially great when busy. I could get on with my chores and listen.
If I was tired I could chill out and listen. Broken down into segments it was so easy to understand and made perfect sense. I found the course very inspiring and gave me a boost to say “I can do this”.
In each section there are easy to read printouts and at the end of the course there is a beautiful meditation.

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone on the detox journey, but it would also be great for those wondering how detoxing works and what to expect."

Amy Higgs

I always felt like I didn't have enough energy and I've struggled with tiredness, anxiety, stress, brain fog and panic-disorder for many years. I've learned that I can start healing myself just by following these simple steps that Hilde talks about in this audio course.

By listening to the audios I've learned a lot about what it means to detox. Hilde guides you through everything you need to know. Now, I feel more confident and safe continuing my detox journey!

If you in and way feel like you are in a place where you don't want to be, when it comes to health, mind or spirit I wouldn't hesitate. This audio course is for you."

Malin Örjas

What is Detoxification?

Your health is serious business and when the body is speaking to you in the language of pain and discomfort, it is a good thing to actually listen. Oh boy, do I wish I would have. Years of pain and suffering would have been avoided, but you see, THAT is most often NOT what we do, the listening part.

We are either too busy, too stubborn, too ignorant or too disconnected from our bodies, not knowing what listening really is. Confusing craving and addictions with intuition.

I for one were more interested in ignoring all signs of so-called disease, and why wouldn`t I? I could think of a number of topics sexier than changing my ways. I was holding on to what I was doing, even though it was clearly hurting me, BIG time.

I mean, we only live once, and we all need some fun, living the good life, right? On so many levels, wrong. Fun yes, good life, you bet, but not in pain. Not walking away from our purpose and passions.

There are very obvious signs the body needs to detoxify, but first, what is detoxification?

“This course is amazing! Thank you, Hilde, for creating it. So much information, inspiration and best of all are the explanations of the whys and hows in simple terms. I love that I could listen to the information in my own rhythm and to also be able to read the material when I needed too.
You give so many examples so it's easy to just get started from where you are.

I have always been interested in health, food and energy, and I have been searching for help to help raise my low energy. My lower back has been unstable, stiff joints, a very painful heel. Already I can see great results!

I love that Hilde has walked her talk. I am drawn to people who have experienced what they talk about. I really recommend this course to every person that feels they need to change something in their life.

To start to learn what detoxification really means and ALL the benefits for doing it is a big motivation to start and keep going. Good luck to everyone to choose YOURSELF!"

- Victoria

The program “How to Detoxify the Right Way for Everyone” is a very
heart felt, inspiring and informational program.
Not only does it delve into the physical side of detox but it also encompasses the
emotional side which can often be left out or thought of as unimportant.

Hilde shows us how both the physical and emotional aspects to health are
essential for our wellbeing. The programme includes some amazing tools
to deal with the emotional side and also how to understand detoxification symptoms so you can move past fear.

I absolutely loved listening and could listen to Hilde all day. She empowers you and guides you eloquently throughout. A must programme for anyone who is serious
about their health journey

Kirsty Ellis

I am on a mission to heal from Chronic Lyme, and all that comes with it, and more. Currently, my neurological and gut issues are making life so challenging.

The audio course was very easy to listen to and to follow.
With Hilde's evident knowledge, passion and direction, it feels manageable.

In the end, I felt that I can do this and succeed with her step by step guidance.

I wouldn't hesitate to take this will put you on your healing journey if you are just starting or take you to the next level in your healing.

She has the plan, has lived the plan--we just have to show up and do the work.

Doe Renee

Detoxification is NOT a "thing"

It's not a hype, its how our body functions to save our lives. Its a part of the process. We need to get over this need to have a quick fix for everything, and honor reality. meaning, I know the struggle is real, but so is the solution.

Detoxification (or ‘detox’) has become such a popular word in the natural health industry. We are offered products that will detoxify the body, bombarded with protocols and potions, but do we need any of it?

Doesn’t the body detoxify naturally?
Yeah, it absolutely does, and here is the thing: The word detoxification simply means cleansing, and the body is a self-cleaning mechanism.
What it isn’t is a chemical processor, fit to handle what we throw at it in the modern world of toxins. Sadly, we are living in toxic overload and our bodies are hurting from it.

BIG time!
And not just from processed and altered food, but stress and emotional disconnection. For this reason, a true healing regime or program will include emotional and mental work as well as a physical cleansing regime. The mind-body-soul connection is powerful, and it will be impossible not to include all aspects of the being if we are to successfully detox. Detoxification promotes letting go of everything that is not serving us.

We need to look to nature, get back to the basics, and trust in our bodies and their ability to heal. We will heal by eating fresh living organic foods as we were meant to. That way, we will allow our bodies to take care of business. In this lifetime, in this world, the challenges are many for most of us. It seems the non-foods presented to us, alongside the stress, the polluted air, the negative programming, and the fear of change, is holding us captive in our polluted houses. In so-called dis-ease.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is not serving you, be it foods, emotions, or actions. There is nothing to figure out or to speculate in. The body will do the rest. Simplicity is a challenge for the educated mind, and this very fact is important to acknowledge. Our intellect and our craving for intellectual growth, has contributed to the state that we are in. It is time to hit the shift button and think again. Less is more.

In this audio course I will tell you EXACTLY how to do this. How to take it to the next level and do it RIGHT. YOU deserve it! 

You know how I say that health is simple. Not easy, simple.
HUGE difference.
The same way I want you to see the simplicity of detoxification
How it's not complicated, not hard to do, yet life-saving.
Well, the hard to do is a personal decision. Yeah, a decision.
You see, it's the mindset, the willingness, your why, and the lust for life that determines your success.
It was never about easy.
It is about diligence, knowledge, community, and the eagerness to live the healthy life you deserve.

I just completed the “How to detoxify the right way that works for everyone” audio course. I had so many questions and even fears about detoxification. I knew quite a bit about the topic but not enough to feel comfortable. Now, all my questions have been answered by Hilde.
I love the way she shares the information, making it feel very doable and accessible for beginners and for more seasoned detoxifiers.

It made me feel very much at ease. Hilde helped me understand how the body works and why we need to detoxify, especially when not feeling optimal.

I loved her assuring way of teaching about the healing crisis and what it means and how we can view it in a way that is not scary.
The affirmation tracks that come with the course are amazing.
Everything is well explained.
The course includes what to eat, when and why which makes it very easy to get started.

Hilde makes you feel assured, understood and informed, a great combination!

- Tina


1. You feel tired and sluggish. Your energy is constantly on the low end, and you never seem to be able to recharge. You feel fatigued even after resting.

2. Your skin is breaking out, and you might develop rashes, itching or dry skin.

3. You are constantly battling a sore throat, sinus trouble or the flu-like symptoms in general. You might experience reoccurring, UTI`s, or other infections.

4. Constipation or diarrhea is a part of your life. Accompanied by other digestive issues. Any digestive discomfort is a clear sign of acidosis.

5. Any pain and discomfort in the joints. Swelling, inflammation, and stiffness.


6. You are craving complex carbs and processed sugar. You cannot seem to be satisfied and have your hands in the cookie jar more often than you would like to admit.

7. You are suffering from anxiety and/or depression.

8. You find yourself angry and irritated. Your lack emotional balance.

9. Your memory is not what it used to be, and you might feel brain fog now and then.

10. You have a hard time losing or gaining weight.

That could have been my how-are-you-today-Hilde checklist.
You might know a few of them yourself. If you do, you know it is time to step up to the plate, so to speak. To step up to ANOTHER plate.
When we take action we change the outcome. We change the path and the direction. The question is where to start, how to do it, and for how long.
The short answer is: Listen to my Audios, and learn the how, why and when.

6 Executable  Modules

  • Module 1 -What is detoxification?
  • Module 2 - The healing crisis and fear.
  • Module 3 - The secret mindset that works.
  • Module 4 - What the body does not need and diet.
  • Module 5 - Bringing the REAL talk about supplements and protocols.
  • Module 6 - It was never about you.

The typical fears and questions you you will find answers too:

I know from my work as a Coach that the fear of not doing it right can be overwhelming. Together with all those unanswered questions about the process.

Is this you?

  1. Which supplements should I take?
  2. What if I cannot tolerate fruits?
  3. Can I detoxify while going to work?
  4. What should I do exactly?
  5. Where will I get all my nutrients?
  6. Which symptoms can I expect?
  7. Where do I get my protein?
  8. For how long will I have to do this?
  9. Is juicing good for me?
  10. Will I get too skinny?

 There are as many questions as there are people, but if you are anything like most people, I know you feel this. And I hear you. I will let you in on all of my secrets and I will make sure your questions will be answered.



I am transitioning to high-fruit, low-fat, raw plant foods from high-fat, plant-based cooked foods. My big challenge is staying away from bread and eating less fat like oils and avocados, and staying warm in winter. The course gave me a few missing tips on how to make this transition possible and what to expect in the process.

I happened to listen to “The affirmation track” while shopping at Costco, and it definitely saved me a couple hundred dollars because I couldn't bring myself to take my regular groceries off the shelves, thinking to myself, why am I buying them if it's not considered food?
I can use this audio as a tool to be more conscious when shopping for food in stores.

The explanation about supplements was really unexpected information to me, but when you think about it that way, it all makes sense.

This course will be truly beneficial for those who are just starting their journey to better health, and will also bring more clarity to those who are already on the way.
Thank you Hilde!

- Polina Homchuk


Hilde Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the CEO and founder of She is a certified Health and Mindset Coach, an Author, a Keynote Speaker, Detox Specialist, Raw food Teacher and Life-Enthusiast.

Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work. Hilde Larsen writes articles, have her own blog and YouTube channel.

She is the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired, Know The Truth and Get Healthy, and No More Bullshit.

She creates online video programs and has her own membership site, The Inspired Members.

Her interest in healing and spiritual growth also led her to become a Reiki Healer. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world. Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 32 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree hugger at heart. You can read about her struggles from bedridden to living her dreams in her first book "From HELL to Inspired".

" This is a course that is really easy to understand, like balm for my body and soul. So inspiring.
I have clearly been in a healing crisis, and by listening to Hilde I was put on the right track again!
I am willing to do anything, to become more myself, and get rid of all the limitations I know I have. Also those which I have not discovered yet. Hilde`s voice is so very pleasant to listen to and the meditation at the very end was the icing on the cake. Thank you! "

Brigitte Sørlie

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